In total, HHSTSA members have held 12 state offices, and won over 100 state and national finalists. Learn why Harriton TSA is one of the most decorated and highly regarded chapters in the state and nation.

My technology story at Harriton has inspired my career choice and lifelong love for STEM.
- Xinke Chen -

Who We Are

At Harriton TSA, one of the biggest things we pride ourselves with is preparing our members for the rest of their lives. Everything at our meetings is focused on something in the real world. For example, we open every meeting with a mass meeting and then break off into our events. This reflects the structure of many corporate enterprises.


Harriton High School has had a TSA chapter for roughly a decade. Every year the club starts with very few members and grows into a community with its own unique culture and workspace. Each year the club grows in some facet, whether it be in terms of club culture, success, or in membership. Our chapter completely rebooted this year after losing our advisors and home base.

Work Ethic

At Harriton, we believe in hard work – we actually pride ourselves on it. We have relied on raw resilience ever since our middle school days in TSA. The hardest thing to do isn’t to fail, it’s to try again and to keep working harder and smarter, developing an understanding of why you failed in the first place. Our hatred of failure drives us to admit our own fallibility and thus chase the horizon, stretching out to grasp the fruits of our labors.

Daily Routine

We have an established routine during our regular weekly meetings. Members take the bus to Welsh Valley Middle School, the home of Harriton's two advisors. Once everyone arrives, the officers conduct a welcome talk about meeting notes/reminders and then turn it over to the advisors, who typically have some brief comments to share. At this point the meeting concludes and people disperse to work on various events.

Career Technical Education

Harriton is home to a rich and dynamic technology education program with many diverse courses.

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Harriton TSA

Over the past years, HHS-TSA has lived a lifestyle of competition, service, and leadership.

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