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Want to be on the show? Learn how to train for American Ninja Warrior. Get training tips for the obstacles, veteran advice, and fitness conditioning. Find a ninja warrior training facility or gym near you.

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Be a part of the action on the Ninja Warrior community network forum. Share training tips, organize events, and find other people training for the show near you. Join today!

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Find a Ninja Warrior competition or meet-and-greet event near you. Many gyms hold events open to all fans and competitors. Get involved in the community and participate.

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Ninja Warrior Athletic Association

Join the first ever athletic association for the sport of Ninja Warrior. Get exclusive access to Ninja Warrior events and nationwide competitions or become a certified Ninja Warrior training facility and promote your gym.

Who we are

From starting in Japan back in 1997 intended as a TV show, Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) has grown to encompass an entire sport. Our site is dedicated to offering resources and information to gyms and competitors involved in the sport aspect American Ninja Warrior. We hope to promote obstacle course training as a new means of fitness and connect the tens of thousands of fans, competitors, and production crew together.

Get your own Ninja Warrior obstacles

If you are looking to get your own Ninja Warrior obstacles for a commercial facility or just for personal training, we have exactly what you need. Not only can you get professional build packages including dimensions, an assembly list, and building instructions, but you can even order your own set of obstacles to be manufactured and shipped to you. If you do not have any construction experience, hire a course builder to design and construct obstacles for you.

What's New

American Ninja Warrior 5 Unseen Secrets: With American Ninja Warrior 5 concluded, it's time to look back at some exclusive secrets and analysis of the past ANW Season.

American Ninja Warrior Season 6 Kicks Off: It's that time of year again, when NBC airs a new season of American Ninja Warrior. The competitors have given it their all in competing, and now it's time to see how they do. See a breakdown of American Ninja Warrior for this upcoming season.

Sasuke 30 Aired in Japan: Tokyo Broadcasting Station has held the 30th tournament of Sasuke, the Japanese original Ninja Warrior competition that started it all. Details on how Sasuke 30 can be found here.

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