Build a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Find professional blueprints and build packages

Imagine having your own exact scale American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Whether it be for a commercial gym or in your backyard, find out how to right here. We have professional quality blueprints and building instructions for you. Brought to you by Upstream Designs, the leading company in the United States providing professional custom designs for Ninja Warrior inspired parks and obstacles, these build packages include detailed schematics and blueprints of the obstacles, a lumber shopping list, cut list, and builder's instructions to help you assemble the obstacles. We also have separate detailed schematics available for purchase as well. You no longer have to wish you are on the show, get exclusive blueprints and building instructions to build your own personal Ninja Warrior obstacles.

Below you will find two different catagories of Build Packages: Backyard and Commercial. The Backyard is a budget friendly version designed to use less materials but still have strength and stability.

The Commercial packages are designed for facilities and business that need their obstacles to be up to a standard. These are stronger, heavier, and very stable to meet with most build code standards.

There are also two sets of detailed schematics available as well in the schematics catagory.


Backyard Build Packages

Warped Wall Blueprint Backyard

Curved Wall

Cost $25

Looking to have an American Ninja Warrior warped wall in your backyard for an affordable cost, this is for you.


Salmon Ladder Blueprint Backyard

Devil Ladder

Cost $30

Get the most iconic Ninja Warrior obstacle, the salmon ladder, right in your own backyard.


Commercial Build Packages

Double Salmon Ladder Blueprint Specs

Double Devil Ladder

Cost $40

The double salmon ladder includes two separate sides with a transition. It is an enhanced version of the orginal salmon ladder.


Warped Wall Blueprint Full Size

Curved Wall Full Size

Cost $55

A nearly identical replica to the American Ninja Warrior warped wall. This matches the one on the show in every dimension, including width.


Warped Wall 14 ft Blueprint

Curved Wall Standard

Cost $45

This warped wall is found in many gyms. Though slightly narrower than the warped wall on the show, it is the same height of the one in American Ninja Warrior, and thus the same difficulty.


Warped Wall Mini Blueprint

Warped Wall Mini

Cost $45

This warped wall is only 11 feet, designed as a kid friendly obstacle with optimal difficulty perfect for any gym looking to cater toward a younger audience or as an obstacle for the entire family.


Detailed Schematics

Double Salmon Ladder Blueprint Specs

Floating Walls

Cost $20

The floating doors is a brutal stage 3 American Ninja Warrior obstacle. It is a grip strength killer and took down more people than any other stage 3 obstacle.


Warped Wall Blueprint Full Size

Running Steps

Cost $10

The quad steps are in every American Ninja Warrior competition as the first obstacle so make sure to train on them so you are well prepared.


The commercial packages are obstacles that are built stronger that our Backyard versions and help meet most building code standards. The build packages include a set of detailed obstacle schematics, a shopping list, cut list, and building instructions to help with assembly of the obstacle. Build Package is provided by Upstream Designs, LLC

The running steps are floating walls schematics do not include the shopping list, cut list, and building instructions. They only include the obstacle schematics and dimensions for the obstacle.

All purchases are for the right to use the “Build Package” for a single use and personal use only. It is not to be, shared, posted, and/or redistributed anywhere without prior permission from Upstream Designs, LLC. "" and Upstream Designs are not responsible or liable for the use/misuse of the build packages.