American Ninja Warrior Streaker

The real story behind the viral naked video

By now, pretty much every fan of the show has seen the viral video of a naked man running the American Ninja Warrior course. It has become the second most popular ANW video on the web, behind only Kacy Catanzaro's epic city finals run. The great irony about the run is that the streaker made it further on the course than most of the actual competitors before being hauled off by security. Sounds impressive right? Not really when you know the whole story. But first, in case you have not yet seen the video, here it is.

If you are an avid member of the parkour and Ninja Warrior community, that streaker might seem slightly familiar. That it because he is Thomas Tapp, one of the "Tap Brothers". These brothers are well known in the parkour world for their extensive array of YouTube tutorials on different parkour moves and stretches.

It was because of their popularity as parkour practicioners and expertise in movement that the tap brothers were chosen to be paid testers for American Ninja Warrior. As for Nate Mitchell, he is a professional tester as well. The job of these paid testers, as well as a few volunteers is to test all of the American Ninja Warrior obstacles before the actual competition is held.

It was at this time that the staging of the "streaker" occured. With the help of the hilarious commentary of Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja Biamila, ANW's comedic hosts, a viral video was formed. Now, 2 million views later, the video of a crazy naked guy running the American Ninja Warrior course has more than twice as many views as our entire site.

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